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sonny/joel, ~3600wds, nc-17
“so Joels has a thing for sonny's ~curves so to speak. Sonny's a bit "lol wtf?" at the fact that someone would give so much attention to something he doesn't find sexy at all but after a while he just goes with it because Joel's enjoying himself so much and truthfully, the extra attention is a nice little confidence boost for sonny. I want this mostly to be a tummy fetish thing but bonus points if you factor in some ass and leg porn. that ass is an epic ass."
author's notes: thanks to [livejournal.com profile] iamsupernova for the short-notice beta! also, there's no explicit d/s in the prompt, but i'm me so of course it got pretty explicitly d/s-y. there is more here than just tummies but mmmm tummies.


The first time Sonny ever realizes Joel's flirting with him, Joel's arm is around Sonny's waist.


Joel's mouth on his neck at the afterparty, Joel's half-lidded eyes and open mouth. Joel's body heat. Joel's palm covering his hipbone and pressing until Sonny actually steps back and bumps against the brick wall behind the club.
Joel's eyes are wide. "Sorry," he says, like he thinks Sonny's trying to get away, and Sonny's charmed by how Canadian it sounds. He mumbles back, "Uh, no-" and lifts his arms a little, reaching for Joel.

"Okay," Joel says, his face fading back into a booze-flushed nervous smile. His hands come forward, sliding across Sonny's stomach from the middle to curve around his hips and Sonny nervously sucks it in, letting his eyes flutter closed and his head tip back so Joel will kiss him properly again like he'd done inside so briefly. Joel does. It makes Sonny dizzy. Like, what the fuck? This is Deadmau5. Sonny's know who this guy was for like four years, listened to his records. Bought them legally, even.

"Not here," Joel says, letting his lips trail away from Sonny's mouth down his jaw and below his ear. Sonny's eyes open. It's true. Deadmau5 is a public personality and Sonny- well, Sonny hasn't been for a while but if all goes well he will be again soon. They're in public.

"I have a hotel," Sonny says, turning and actually meeting Joel's eyes.
Joel pulls back. He shoves his hands in his pockets and they leave.


Lying in bed later, Sonny doesn't know where they stand. He's pretty sure he'd know if this was just some you-owe-me-for-signing-you thing; he's seen Joel be crueler to girls who wanna get with him for less. He's pretty secure in the fact that if Joel wanted to just fuck him and kick him out, he'd have known before it happened. Joel's blunt like that. But he doesn't know if this is a friends who fuck thing or if Joel's into him or what, or even if he's into Joel enough to want it. He's not about to ask if he doesn't have an answer himself. Hell, he's Sonny Moore- he wouldn't have the nerve to ask even if he knew what he wanted. He gets the feeling he won't know what this is for a while, if it happens again. Which he feels like it will.

But he's still in Joel's bed, his flowy black shirt still on, tucked up around his armpits as Joel sighs and slumps against his collarbone, a hand tossed over Sonny's stomach. Sonny exhales and waits an appropriately-timed moment before he reaches down to try to push his shirt back into place even though his pants have been missing for like forty minutes. The lights are on. His lower half is under the sheet but his whole upper body Joel can see.

"Neh," Joel protests feebly, hand blocking the descent of Sonny's shirt. He nips softly at his collarbone. "Leaving?"

"Uh- no," Sonny answers, abandoning his attempts where his shirt meets Joel's hand. "Just. Nevermind."

Joel's fingers scratch affectionately at Sonny's tummy and he buries his face in Sonny's neck. Sonny can't imagine what he must smell like- spilled gin and sweat and cigarettes for certain. Probably also come and other stuff, he doesn't even know. Red Bull. He closes his eyes.

"Take it off," Joel says, fingers nudging at Sonny's shirt. Sonny doesn't move. "Down for round two later?"

Sonny smiles nervously and exhales. "Oh," he says. "Yes."


Drunk in Australia, Joel has Sonny actually pinned to the wall and grinding, which isn't fair because the bed is right there and they could be naked right now and Sonny doesn't even feel awkward about being naked at all because he's drunk enough. What he cares about is Joel naked, the veins and muscles on his lean arms under his tattoos clearly defined as he grips Sonny's hair to lead his rhythm, the thin clean lines of his waist and thighs. That's what he wants. Sonny moans into Joel's mouth just thinking about it and they're both still fully dressed.

"Please can you be naked?" Sonny pleads in a whisper, trying weakly to push Joel's shirt up with numb fingers.

Joel's face is flushed when he pulls back, grinning. "Please can you be naked?" he repeats, and falls to his knees. Sonny squirms, bites his lip, looks sideways at the lamp and palms the wallpaper in the hotel.

"Shit," Joel breathes, and pushes Sonny's shirt up to his shoulders. He runs his free hand in flat round circles around the warm skin of Sonny's belly, pressing his face flat into it.

"You're drunk," Sonny laughs, trying to angle his hips to catch Joel's attention, sucking in.

"You're drunk," Joel repeats infuriatingly. He grunts and smacks the side of Sonny's hip gently. "Stop doing that."

Sonny doesn't know what he's doing.

The attention Joel's paying to Sonny's middle turns into open-mouthed kisses, wet and wide. Sonny moans and grinds his teeth into his lip, looking down. Joel's smiling and panting between kisses, and when Sonny angles his head he can see that Joel's hips are moving a little, rubbing in little circles.

"Joel," Sonny breathes, looking down fondly.

Joel's eyes open. He licks Sonny's belly, holding his gaze.

"Oh," Sonny says, unsure of what he'd been intending to say. Wait, had he really said Joel's name out loud? He is drunk.

"You are the sexiest fucking human being on the entire fucking planet," Joel says, and before Sonny even has a chance to correct him, Joel's teeth are sinking into the soft side of his hip.

What felt like shock in his system came out of his mouth as a moan. Joel moans back around his mouthful of flesh, then pulls back and bites again, higher, closer to his bellybutton.

"S-sensitive!" Sonny gasps, pushing at Joel's head till his hat comes off.

Joel lets go. "Really?" he murmurs, nosing around. "Sensitive belly?"

Sonny's blindingly hard, heart hammering. "Ah- yes I guess? That... hurt."

Joel doesn't stop peppering kisses across the skin above his hips, small and hot. He probably isn't even fully conscious of what he's doing except for how much he's enjoying it. The hand holding his shirt up drops so Joel can just push his shirt around with his nose, both hands gripping Sonny's hips back against the wall. "You like it when it I bite your neck, though."

Sonny whimpers and looks down at Joel, tongue poking out of his mouth. Joel's hands slide up and down his thighs, tongue slipping into Sonny's bellybutton. Sonny moans and tips his head back, breaking his eyes away. He really, really would like to get to the part where Joel is fucking him. They hadn't been in the same city in two and a half months.

"Joel," he breathes, and Joel's hands finally reach Sonny's fly. He's hard when Joel peels his jeans down and presses his forehead to Sonny's ribs, cheek to his belly and breathing along his cock.

"Mm?" Joel grunts in response.

Sonny licks his upper lip and realized his mouth is hanging open. "Hurting isn't all bad," he whispers, and Joel groans and his lips finally meet the side of Sonny's cock. They moan together; Sonny's hands slip along the wall.

"Joel, s'been like two months, don't tease," Sonny whines, finally bringing his hand down to cup the back of Joel's head. It feels freshly shaved, fuzzy, nice on his fingers.

"Mmmm, s'been like two months," Joel repeats, and licks up the side of Sonny's cock. "I just wanna taste- you have such a great body. Look at your hips. Want me to suck you?"

"Yes!" Sonny whines, grinding his hips in a little circle. "Joel, c'mon, 'cmon- I hate you right now-"

"-Wanna fuck you on your back, though," Joel's mumbling right over Sonny's pleas. He's clearly in his own space. "Wanna fuck you on your back real dirty and pull out and come on your fucking stomach. Want me to come all over you, Son?"

Sonny makes a distressed little sob noise and pushes Joel all the way off him. He trips out of his pants and grabs his backpack, looking for his stupid tube of lube. When he turns around, Joel's just staring at him, open-mouthed.

"Your ass," Joel says as an explanation.

"Get over here," Sonny says, flopping back on the bed and lubing up a few fingers. He spreads his legs, slides one into himself with a combination of wince and sigh. Joel moves up onto the bed, traps his free hand above Sonny's head and kisses him hard. Sonny moans again. "God, if you don't get inside me-"

"Shut up," Joel says, brushing his fingertips up the side of Sonny's cock. Sonny pushes a second finger in because one is easy by now, but two takes longer. Joel's fingers trace down around his balls and up his hips again till he's cupping his stomach, thumb dipping into Sonny's bellybutton.

"Touch me?" Sonny pleads, his glasses crooked and his hair wild.

"I am touching you," Joel mumbles, nipping at Sonny's neck. "Be more specific."

"Touch my cock," Sonny pants, spreading his legs. "Joel Joel Joel touch my cock, fuck me- I'm gonna kill you- How are you not exploding right now, oh God, just fuck me-"

Joel's hand finally wraps around his cock and he slips down till his mouth is sliding around Sonny's bellybutton. He licks around inside it and then bites hard over Sonny's hip.

Sonny's gonna blow up. His cock throbs. His fingers are numb. The pain is filtering through the alcohol as just intensity, neither positive nor negative. He feels it everywhere in his body.

"Joel!" he gasps. Joel's teeth stay where they are, sunken into his skin. Sonny doesn't dare roll his hips or anything, just lies there with his eyes wide, fingers stilling in his ass.

Joel lets go just long enough to hiss, "Move," before he bites again, and Sonny's remembers his hand and bends, reaching for his prostate.

"Joel!" he gasps again, and then whines his name again and drags it out, "Joel, Joel, Joelllllllllll-"

Joel moans in response, sucking at bites of Sonny's tummy and hips and even finally moving down to his thighs. Sonny's fingers slip messily inside him as Joel bites a mouthful of soft skin; with no muscle beneath it, just fat, he leaves deep embedded teeth marks. When Joel sits up, Sonny glances down to find him admiring all the red prints he'd left, his eyes skipping across his stomach. Joel's hand skims across Sonny's belly and Sonny feels every place he'd been bitten, raw and sensitive. He inhales sharply.

"Good?" Joel asks. He pushes Sonny's hand away from his ass and fits three fingers inside him.

"Ah-!" Sonny pants in response. He's sweating, stretching his knees apart to give Joel room, drunkenly writhing against the sheets like his arms are too heavy to lift.

"Good," Joel repeats. There's plenty enough lube in his ass already to get Joel's fingers in, but Sonny can feel the drag more sharply than with his own lubed hand. He flails around for the bottle half-heartedly till his hand hits plastic, tossing it onto his belly. Joel uses his left hand to squeeze a heavy drop onto his fingers, working it in with constant movement.

"Touch me?" Sonny pleads, pushing his glasses back up his flushed nose.

"Mmm," Joel says, but ignores him. Instead he ducks his head again and bites a big mouthful of Sonny's thigh. Sonny gasps and moans and Joel sighs, "Mmm, thought so," as he comes up.

Sonny tosses his head, face burning. Thought so. Like Joel's always known he'd be this into being hurt and marked if he'd only tried it.

It's embarrassing, a little bit, but Sonny's cock wishes Joel had tried it a long time ago.

Joel's fingers slip out. "I want," he says, and he kneels up. He looks at Sonny for a second, then leans forward to grab a handful of his hair. "Up," he directs, and Sonny scrambles to rise to his knees. His ass feels all wet and stretched out and it's a damn shame there's nothing in it right now, but the way Joel had just grabbed him and moved him was somewhat new and sexy as hell. Sonny's cock strains forward. His breathing is laboured. Joel rips his t-shirt off finally and opens his belt.

"Shirt off," Joel says, even though Sonny just wants to stare at Joel's naked chest, slender and smooth and nearly hairless. He complies, sitting naked on the bed with his ass feeling well-used already, feeling sluttier than he even remembers feeling. It's pretty hot, actually. He feels sexier than he ever remembers feeling. Joel manages to ungracefully wiggle out of his jeans and leaves the belt on the bed next to them as he finds a condom in his bag and crawls around behind Sonny. "Like this," he explains, kneeling and fitting himself against Sonny's back. Sonny can't see him, but he can feel the head of his cock brushing his lower back.

"Please," Sonny says.

"Yeah," Joel answers vaguely, then they're both quiet as the foil rustles. Joel wraps an arm around Sonny's waist to steady him as he lines up and pushes in slowly.

Sonny gasps, wriggles, getting Joel at the right angle so a full few inches of him sweep past Sonny's prostate. God. "Joel!" he pants again, and Joel reaches around to cup Sonny's balls as he responds simply with, "Ride."

Sonny does. He reaches back around Joel's neck, feeling like a fucking stripper giving a lap dance or something, eyes closed and brow furrowed. He can't go too fast like this because his thighs will fucking give in so he moves slow and in little circles, whimpering as Joel's fingers run over the red marks on his belly and up and down the sides of his cock. He's so fucking hard, he's so fucking comfortable- he wonders if he could come without Joel touching him in earnest like this.

"I have my belt," Joel says, which doesn't mean much to Sonny for a second. His mind is elsewhere. "Mm," he mumbled in response, tipping his head back over Joel's shoulder and rubbing at Joel's close-cropped hair. Joel's hand closes around Sonny's cock, squeezing as his thumb runs around the head, and Joel says, "God, the things I could do to you right now. Do you want me to really hurt you?"


Sonny's hips falter for a moment before he speeds up, thighs shaking as his orgasm hits him. He hadn't expected it so soon but oh, God, Joel wants to beat him with a belt, Joel wants to tie him up maybe and beat him with a belt. He just shouts, "Joel! Ah- mmng-!" as he silences himself, biting his own lip and feeling Joel take over the burden of thrusting, driving into him through his orgasm and squeezing the head of his cock until he couldn't possibly come anymore. Joel bites his neck through it and Sonny just sits there limply, twitching through the aftershocks and riding waves of adrenaline.

"Keep going," he manages to whisper even though he's probably like, half-unconscious right now between the drinking and how hard he just came.

"Good boy," Joel mutters, and Sonny's like, sixty percent sure Joel doesn't even know he said that out loud. Sonny melts, puddling back against him. "Sexy boy," Joel breathes, palming Sonny's stomach as he fucks him. He can't go fast enough. Joel grabs Sonny's hair again and pushes him forward, face-down on the bed so his ass is at a new angle. Sonny shudders into the sheets as Joel finally fucks him hard and fast, brutally hard and fast. Sonny feels sweaty and tired and floaty and used and sexier than he's ever been, oh God. He can feel every place Joel bit him.

"This fucking ass," Joel mumbles drunkenly from somewhere above and behind him. Sonny mmphs in response, smiling and occasionally gasping as Joel manages to hit his prostate again. He's sensitive. His ass is still trembling around Joel's cock from seizing up in orgasm. "This fucking ass, the juiciest- Your hips, your belly, your ass, your thighs, I wanna- ah-" he says, and pulls out fast. Too fast. Sonny feels his ass twitching emptily as Joel suddenly pushes him onto his back. He spreads his legs with slow, compliant willingness and Joel descends over him completely, chest-to-chest, slamming back inside him, gasping and hissing and cursing against Sonny's lips as they kiss messily.

"Gonna," Joel says, and pulls out again after barely ten or fifteen thrusts. Sonny moans, eyes still closed but legs opening even further, half asleep. Joel smacks the side of his hip and Sonny's eyes pop open in shock and pain. Joel holds his eyes as he peels the condom off and jerks himself off onto Sonny's stomach, his mouth open, breathing hard and veins popping as he finally comes on the red marks leading up to Sonny's belly button.

He flops next to Sonny head in the dip of his shoulder, one of his thighs over one of Sonny's. Sonny just lies still, sleepy and sticky and used.

Joel kisses the bite mark on his neck.

"Wh- wow," Sonny manages to say sleepily. He's glowing, he can feel it.

"Jesus Christ you're hot," Joel says, running his fingers through the come on Sonny's belly. "Look at you." He's quiet for about half a second. "Next time we Skype I'm gonna make you jerk off for me. I'm gonna watch you jerk off with the camera just on your belly and hips and cock."

Sonny smiles weakly, mmming as an answer. Joel's still and quiet for a really long time. Eventually Sonny turns his head to look at him. Joel looks up, then sits up a little so he's propping his own head up.

"Think these'll still be here tomorrow?" Sonny asks, running a hand across the marks on his stomach. He leaves his hand there, covering his belly.

"Yeah," Joel says, pushing Sonny's hand away. "I told you, stop doing that."

Sonny doesn't get it.

"Why? Gonna explain these to whoever the next guy is between your thighs? Or girl or whatever."

Sonny feels like lead. "No-one else," he mumbles. He's exhausted.

"No-one else?" Joel murmurs back, tracing his fingers through the come and dragging it along Sonny's thighs.

Sonny's drifting.

"Sometimes I get really like. Dominant about you," Joel says.

"Duh," Sonny answers. He manages to open his eyes, turning to look at Joel.

"Possessive, even."

Sonny closes his eyes again, smiling faintly. "Duh."

"And that's cool?"

Sonny wipes a hand across his tummy and then rolls so he's pressed up to Joel's side.


Joel's eyes are drunkenly swollen and red. Sonny burrows against his chest. Joel's hand traces up and down his hip.

"For sure that's cool?" he says.

"I fuckin' love it," Sonny assures him, breathing against his neck. "I felt so sexy."

"You are so- Like, sometimes I think about you and I just think, like, mine," Joel says.

Sonny's eyes flutter open. He's pretty sure that's supposed to be shocking but he's tired and drunk and his body is all hot and floaty and that feels like the most natural thing in the world.

"Duh," he answers, closing his eyes again.

"So that's cool? You being mine?" Sonny nods against Joel's chest, kisses his collarbone. It feels like something he's allowed to do.

"I'm mean sometimes," Joel warns him.

"M'I know," Sonny mumbles back. He rubs his nose against Joel's collarbone, arching in against him. Joel runs a hand down to cup his ass, fingertips dipping in to feel his stretched hole. "I like mean sometimes."

"Sometimes not in sexy ways. I'm an asshole."

Sonny's spine bends to press back towards his fingers. "No worries," he breathes. He wants Joel to stop talking now. He's tired. He's said what needs to be said and they can talk out the rest in the morning.

"You really need to stop like, sucking your belly in every time I take your shirt off," Joel says, and Sonny's face maybe flushes a little more. "Like, your hips and tummy and thighs are literally the hottest thing in the world." Sonny flushes for sure. He grunts, kind of an acknowledgement and kind of a disagreement. Joel's fingers tease around his entrance.

"Stop," he breathes, hiding his face.

"Touching you, or talking about your belly?"

Sonny pauses. He doesn't know. All of it. It's overwhelming. "Dunno."

"If you're mine I don't have to stop," Joel rumbles back, moving his hand to take a handful of Sonny's hair. "I can finger you again right now while I talk about how bad I want you when your pants ride too low and I see our jeans cutting into your ass, that little roll of flesh, man, I just wanna bend you over right then. And when your shirt lifts up and I can see your tummy and I want you on your back. I want to finger your ass till you're hard again and whimpering and it's not even fun because you're so sensitive and make you whimper my name while I tell you how sexy you are and we kiss till you come again."

Sonny whimpers, pushing back against his fingers.

"I'm so tired," he whispers, limp against Joel's chest.

"That's why it's sexy," Joel answers, slipping two fingers in.

Sonny whines, biting his lip.

"Mine?" Joel whispers,

"Yours," Sonny whispers back, and whimpers again when Joel rolls him onto his back and his fingers find his prostate. His knees tip together and Joel’s fingers slip out to ease his thighs apart again before sliding back inside him.

Joel pulls his hair, a firm handful against the scalp. He sighs, "Mine."
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