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i found the cure to growing older (and you're the only place that feels like home)
pete/gabe, ~5500 words, pg-13
alcohol abuse and relentless unapologetic ross-bashing
summary: pete gives gabe the gift of eternal youth. as usual, though, there's a catch.
author's notes: there may or may not be a sequel. beta/cheerleader credit to [livejournal.com profile] khereselle and inspiration credit to [livejournal.com profile] marxistbitch for prompting me with "immortality" on a whim a couple months ago.

extras: [livejournal.com profile] khereselle made me a fanmix to go alone with the story and it's so perfect and sweet and amazing and adorable and sad and lovely and you should go take a listen as you read. or after when you actually know what the plot is, i guess. it's perfect and it has alice cooper in it and no-one ever made me a fanmix before so ;_; yay it's lovely and i appreciate her.


Gabe turns thirty and kind of feels like shit about it. )
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pete/gabe, nc-17, ~2.5k
for the prompt:
There was an adorable set of tweets between Pete and Gabe, Pete said he wanted to hang out soon, he missed him, and Gabe said he misses him too, he carries around 1000 yen from the time they went to Japan together. Can I get some sex-in-Japan fic, please?

Tokyo. He's gotta fly literally across the globe to have mindless rebound sex in private. )
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in the further adventures of 3 AM drabbles, someone on tumblr wanted this

pete/gabe, pg 13
getting arrested and making out in the back of a cop car
warning: use of homophobic language

I just wrecked a guy and got arrested to protect your honor! )
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if could explain this, i would... it's pete/gabe fic set in the sims.

Read more... )
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Gabe/Travis, ~1500, NC-17
For the prompt: Travie and Gabe as the Kinksters next door.

Things I attempted with this: Not writing porn, although [livejournal.com profile] sleepherealone was kind enough to talk me out of it, although there was a porn-free version. And not writing dialogue is a first for me. How does one write good kinky sex without commands? It was a trouble.

Tuesday nights are date nights. )
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another attempt at actually writing stuff even if i'm not 110% on it. also this prompt is perfect and whoever posted it should add me.

gabe/pete/travis, teenage thieves )


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