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sonny/joel, pg-13

prompt: “cute”, by the way, means “fascinatingly ugly”.

Joel’s really good at sassy, and he thinks he does decently well with funny and fast, but when it comes to emotion and comforting he’s not so great and he knows it. Cutting an asshole down to size is his forte; convincing Sonny that he’s attractive without letting Sonny know what a giant crush he has on him kind if isn’t.

“God, I hate photos,” Sonny mumbles as the fan walks away, which Joel thinks is funny because he can google just as well (or better) as everyone else. He’s seen the five thousand vain bathroom shots Sonny took of himself at fourteen. It’s funny.

“Really?” he laughs. He bullies Sonny into photos all the time, so it’s a little surprising.

“I just hate how I look,” Sonny mutters, flipping his hood up and continuing to walk towards the car.

That one hits Joel like a truck. He’s… not sure what to say for once, so he defaults to mean because it’s what he’s good at. “What the hell, you fuck, are you blind?”

Sonny laughs, and Joel knows he’s trying to keep this light but the bitterness is there anyway. Joel flounders for a second and then goes, “You’re fucking blind.”

Sonny fusses his with hair and looks at Joel and Joel’s heart stops because oh god oh god he knows as he stares back into Sonny’s beautiful graceful angled brown eyes, but Sonny doesn’t do anything but look at him. Joel smiles charmingly even as his heart races.

“Yeah, pretty much,” Sonny laughs, pushing his glasses up to call Joel’s attention to them, and there’s no bitterness anymore.

Later Joel goes through the photos he has of Sonny and looks at them, trying to see what Sonny sees. He guesses he gets it; Sonny has scars all over his jaw that makes Joel want to runs his hands over his skin till it’s all smoothed flat and he’s got no lips at all but that doesn’t mean Joel doesn’t want to bite and suck and kiss his mouth until his lips are swollen and pink. He’s got a huge nose but Joel wants to stroke a finger down the middle and kiss the tip and tell Sonny’s he’s gorgeous and have him believe it for once.

Instead he jerks off to the pictures. Joel’s really not so good at emotion.
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